Support and Resistance Indicators

Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite

trading indicatorsPowerful new indicator suite for professional day traders, created by industry experts in Support and Resistance trading. The Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite provides you with exceptionally precise Support and Resistance Lines for ANY instrument, giving you the edge you need to perform in all market conditions.

You can find the Support and Resistance Suite and a host of other indicators here. You can find some decent free indicators too if you look in the left sidebar menu.

Auto Trend Lines Channel

Exponentially increases the value of standard trend lines by creating a parallel channel area of dynamic support and resistance. More…

Initial Balance Lines with Range Extensions

Initial Balance Lines with Range Extensions enables you to recognize the range of initial trading balance, its base, and the percentage extensions outside the balance area.  This, in turn will help you visualize possible trading scenarios, gauge your expectations, and guide your trading as the day plays out.

Enhanced Pivot Points

This indicator can create support and resistance indicators using pivot points from yesterday, the previous week, or month. 21 levels calculated.

Round Numbers

Easily See important SnR Round Number price levels for any Instrument.

Fibonacci Lines on Session

An ancient well proven mathematical formula within a futuristic trading context.

Hi-Lo of Time Range with Pivot Levels

The Ultimate tool for Opening Range Breakout Trading, and one of the best Support and Resistance indicators for day trading. It will automatically gather the High and the Low of a user-specified intra-day time range, calculate the standard Pivot Levels from that range, draw a price label on the chart when price breaks out above/below the established range and play an audible alert when price moves outside of the established range.

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