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Re: Newby
Date: 10/27/2010, 10:44 pm
In Response To: Newby (TravisD)

Well here is the salt shaker (I). So you are another one that has read mikeys methods ....I didn't know that there were any of us left LOL The answer to your question is there is no golden you look around there is no one way to trade.....look around follow some of the other good traders trades...... pick up what works for you and money management is the most important long term......GOOD LUCK

Well If I remember right if you followed Mikey Method you would see the US$ has a solid floor with Oct 11,13,18,19,21,26 lows around the low 77s. If it breaks the highs of Oct 19, 20,27 highs it should be on a run.... the other currency markets are connected and with money management you could probably make money with this.....its that simple and that complicated lol ....cheers Belize