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Re: Up 'n Comers
Date: 10/26/2010, 1:38 am
In Response To: Re: Up 'n Comers (Belize)

I like Bonds short below 130-16. Yes, I know there's a bit of playing room before we get here, but I prefer to make the market "prove me right" before getting in. Monday's session continued to hold the support line, so the bulls aren't out of it yet, but I still prefer it to the short side right now.

I'm choked at Gold. I had a buy order in for Monday, to buy off the 1310 support, but the opening gap voided my trade; even though it would have hit my profit target for a nice little $800 profit - had it worked according to plan that is. [sigh]

'dems da breaks! LOL


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