Monday, May 01, 2006


By Tom Logé
May 1, 2006,

Hi Everyone,

The preparations for the Tuesday Webinar for the CBOT is taking way
more time than I imagined. I have about 20 hours of prep in it now
and I'm not done yet! The Power point is currently up to 29 pages.
I have to do some severe editing.

This is the first time I've dropped my AMBUSH style on such a large
audience. It needs to be perfect and compeling to say the least. As
a cosequence I'm going capsulize the weekend Part Two so I can get
something workable to you.

Most all of my markets have not materially changed. The same
numbers from the $/23 edition are almost all still in play. Refer
back to it and incorporate the comments contained here.

JUNE BONDS: Our usual approach, -00 and -16 with the quarters after
a first trade off the primaries.

DECEMBER EURODOLLAR: Strong up days on thursday and Friday have
propelled us back to key resistance at 94.76 so we'll play either
way off there in addition to the 4/23 TT numbers. They'll be good
guidance for us on the downswing if that's the direction.

JUNE CANADIAN DOLLAR: We are stymied at these extrordinarily high
values. You know when it breaks it will be ugly. The first legit
level we can play is 8880. I will take a flyer at as break below
8950. This really a stretch so the management needs to very tight
early on.

JUNE SWISS FRANC: A huge day Friday took this market out of our
trading realm as well. The U.S. Dollar is just getting beat to a
pulp! I am going to play up here ... sell only, obviously. A
failure after making a double top at 8122 or a break below 8100 is
worth a shot. Again this is a stretch and requires monster
management and tight stops.

JUNE RUSSELL MINI: Add 882 to the mix and were good to go. No buys
above 770 for now.

JUNE $5 DOW: Add 11450, 11425 and 11385 to last week's numbers and
were good to go.

JUNE GOLD: The gap was good enough for a confirmation on Friday and
we made a nice little early trade for about $400. The 650/670
channel is now open to us.

JULY COTTON: Any retest below 50.65 can be bought on a failure as
it comes back above. The break above 51.50 is a greta buy, I think.
I also sell a break back below there a swell.

JULY COCOA: 1530 now has the control. Buy a break above or sell a
failure there as it starts chugging lower.

MAY CORN: May Corn first notice day is Friday May 12 ... 2 weeks
away. We'll start watching volume and OI this week as I like to
give grains an early look for the roll to July Contract.

2.42, 2.40, 2.38 and 2.35 are the magic numbers. Scalp all of them.

MAY WHEAT: Same FND as Corn, so we'll likewise start monitoring
Volume and OI this week with an eye on the roll to July.

3.55, 3.50, 3.47 and 3.40 ... scapl 'til the cows come home.

Remember the Tuesday clambake at the CBOT. All the details are
posted at the CBOT website. Hope many of you can make it. Thank you
for your indulgence. Man am I nervous.