Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Traders Helping Traders Big Weekend Edition - Part One

The Big Weekend Edition is posted at:


You guys (and gals) are the best. Really. I'm floored by the great group of people we have in our membership. While other sites and forums suffer from an endless barrage of flaming and name calling, we have a closely knit community of traders truly helping other traders. I couldn't be prouder.

If you haven't visited the forum in a while you might want to check it out http://www.supportandresistance.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl

I encourage you to participate and share your questions, especially the new traders. Support and resistance trading is unlike anything you've likely encountered before, so take advantage of this medium to get help with some of the issues you might be having.

Of course I love to get your emails as well. So if you're too shy to post on the forum, you can always send your questions directly to me or Tom. There's only one way you're really going to learn this stuff, and that's to roll up your sleeves, do a little work (not a lot, I promise) and ask questions when you have them. You may as well take advantage of us while you have us!

Things are heating up at Traders Helping Traders as well. I've been hard at work at the new manual for you which is designed to help you with your entries, which I consider to be the most important part of the trade. Next weekend we also hope to launch a new site (similar to the VIP program) but I'll give you more information about that when it's ready to go.

I've also gotten a lot of valuable feedback from you about changes and additions you want to see at the site (thank you thank you thank you) so we'll be incorporating those things just as quickly as we can, so look for a few more changes and tweaks in the near future.

Got a question that needs answering like an itch you can't scratch? Send it along to me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to try and clear things up for you.

Enjoy this week's issue,