Monday, January 30, 2006

Big Weekend Edition Part Two- Tom's Trades

I can't believe how fast time passes … is it really the end of January all ready? My goodness!

I have in my possession 20, 5 disc sets of the Seminar DVD's. I will work with Shaggy this week to get some ordering process put together. Stay tuned at the website for details.

We are working on the new webinar room and I believe we'll kick if off next week. We're all looking forward to putting HotComm in the rear view mirror and being able to accommodate more of our subscribers.

The past week was rather uneventful while producing nice results for us. The methods and strategies we employ continue to shine and perform at very high levels. We'll take a look at Friday's results and then move on to our plan for next week.

Trade Review

We started out Friday selling 113-28. Bonds made it to -20, we rolled to -21 and got stopped at -22 for 6 ticks. We popped up to -25 and I played the quarter selling -23. Bonds went to -11 and I rolled to -15 where they nailed us … out with 8 ticks. Next we bought -20, survived a pullback to -18 with our -17 stop and finally exited at 113-26 adding 6 more. Total take for the day of 20 ticks, $625.

MARCH 06 Eurodollar
A little opps from last week. I wrote in the Weekend TT that I would begin trading June. I zoned out with all that was going on and traded March throughout the week. Of course, you picked up on that from the numbers and the labeling in the Daily Updates. Sorry for the confusion. I exited our short trade at 95.200 making 5 points, $125 on the deal.

MARCH Swiss Franc
We sold 7896 and caught a nice move down to 7841. I rolled the stop to 51 at that point and got stopped as it popped back up, I'm out with $687. Unfortunately the Swiss had more work to do but I was left with way to get back in so I was done. Nice, but it could have been better.

MARCH 06 Mini Russell
No playable numbers

MARCH Mini Dow
We bought 10844 on a break above our 10837 number. The DOW ran right up to 10925 and we managed to exit at 10919 for $375. We bought 10904 and exited at 10903 after the big failure at 10917. Next we sold 10896 and exited at 10900 losing $20. We bought 10907 which we exited at 10936 for $145. I did 2 buy trades off 10940 and 10950 both of which resulted in small losses totaling $90. After the spike up to 10956 failed we sold at 10945 and exited at 10914 for $210. I sold 10897 and exited at 10903 for a loss of $30. We then bought 10904 and exited at 10920 for $80. I packed it in at this point with a daily total of $665.

I sold 3.46, rolled to B/E and got stopped at 3.46 ½ losing $25. I sold 3.46 ½ and exited at 3.43 ½ picking up 3 cents for a gross of $125 on the day.

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